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We are over-the-moon-excited that Jonathan Rundman and Dr. Dawn Rundman will be part of the Faith Creative this summer! In case you’re not familiar with their work you can read a bit more about them here. I first met the Rundmans’ in Chicago when Dawn was a professor at Concordia University and Jonathan was working on his epic 52 song “Sound Theology” recording.

Dr. Dawn Rundman
Jonathan Rundman

Jonathan Rundman







In the years since we’ve all moved to Minneapolis, but we see each other too rarely. If your days are anything like ours then you likely miss the connective-ness of those friendships that were fostered in earlier days. As I write this to you I’m listening to the Creativity Drill Podcast on which Jonathan and Dawn talk with their childhood friend David Casimir… Part of what we hope for our week together at Heartwood is that it can provide the time and space for connection, both new and rekindled. As we’ve been dreaming with Dawn and Jonathan about what they’d like to bring to the Faith Creative we’ve connected on a couple great ideas that we think you’ll really enjoy. We’re dreaming up a team led song-writing / creative-writing session and Jonathan has a session he’s led in other spaces on Faith and the Arts that he’ll likely add to the week. Dawn has focused a lot of her work at Augsburg Fortress on child development and faith development. As I write this Dawn and David are riffing off of each other (seriously, go listen to the above referenced podcast) on how the brain fires when it creates. Dawn is planning two possible sessions at the Faith Creative. The first will be on how Deuteronomy 6:4-9 relates to us today and growing a family’s prayer life together. The second session will be for women; it’s called “Put down that hat!”. It explores the many roles women play and claiming the role of a baptized child of God in every setting.

My life has been enriched by shared meals and conversations with Dawn and Jonathan, and I know yours will be too. In all of the ways our paths have crossed we’ve never had the opportunity to be in the same space for more than an afternoon or evening, and I am giddy with the idea that Faith Creative will give us all multiple opportunities for shared experience, creativity, and intentional rest. I hope you can join us on August 2-6!

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